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George Hersh Pheno Brain Training

George Hersh

I’m George Hersh a former business owner/entrepreneur turned ADHD/ Dyslexia coach and professional development coach.

I struggled in school all of my life.  I never understood why I had difficulty reading, spelling and writing. I am became one of the statistics my third year in college, dropping out. The one class I couldn’t seem to pass was English 101 (3 year’s in a row). So in 1981 I started my entrepreneur career opening my first business at age 21 and by the time I was 30 I was semi retired. Still struggling and feeling different looking for answers. A friend of mine pointed out I living in Topeka, Kansas where there was a world renowned psychiatric clinic right down the street I could get tested at. So one day in 1990 at age 30 I made a big decision to do it, at the time it was very scary to me. The diagnosis was I was Dyslexia with a high IQ which made me feel a little better I got it Label for me to try and understand it better.

Back than the clinic had a six month program that they say would help and I could overcome all my spelling and writing issues. So I enrolled in their program and got tutored for six month spending thousands of dollars but it wasn’t working and one day I was talking to my tutor and ask how much longer it would be and her answer wasn’t what I thought or heard when I signed up. She told me it would take me years of tutoring before I would see any results. So frustrated i dropped doing that tutoring program but thinking I will not stop tell I find something that will work for me. I purchased every program I could find online or heard about to try from hooked on phonics speed reading and memory programs. Picking up one thing after another but not really have much success with spelling and writing.

I also started attending many self improvement and high level leadership programs over the next 28 years. Which got me to come out of being semi retired in 1994 and purchased a Household Moving Company Topeka. I grew it from one company with revenues of 1.7m to eleven companies with revenues of 45 million operation by 2011. At the same time I continued my commercial real estate developing and Investing career, owning 11 other operating companies. Running 22 companies keep me very busy along with my wife and three kids. (Plus now I have four grandchildren)

Many of the programs I took, got my mind and body involve which worked for me to improve and understand myself better (Kinesthetic Learning). Feelings would come up to the surface through the personal interaction with exercise. Challenging me to improve working with coaches that understood how to bring out a person best. Something I started to practice for the last 25 years for my personal and business life.

How fast Life changes in 2011 & 2012 were not great years for me and my companies which lead me in 2013 to make a change and do something I always wanted to do which was to help others like me to understand and overcome their weaknesses (Neurodiversity became my favorite word) Bring out a person best is always our goals. It is a privilege and an honor to coach kids and adults and provide exceptional programs with my son, Mark.

Mark Hersh

Mark Hersh

After graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in Economics and a minor in Business, I decided to follow my passion in helping others.  I have been amazed at the number of children, adults and their family members that are so thankful that a program actually works.

At KU, I took part in numerous philanthropic events through my fraternity, Kappa Sigma and am glad to be able to continue my service to others via the programs we offer at Pheno Brain Training.  am proud to work alongside my dad to coach others struggling to be the best version of themselves.  

Coaching adults and children learning to train their brains to overcome ADHD/Dyslexia and other learning disabilities permanently is the most exciting thing of all about this company. We can’t wait to coach more Individuals and families to succeed in school and life! 

Do you live in the Kansas City Metro area?  Great we offer a free evaluation for children ages 7 and up, you can click the link below to schedule online or call George Hersh 913-608-9343

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