The Pheno Brain Training Process

Executive Functions and Cognitive Skills Evaluation 

Each year hundreds of children and adults are given a FREE EVALUATION by Pheno Brian Training and regardless of age, the story they have to tell is similar.

Each had begun school excited at the prospect of learning new things. The school immediately begins to disseminate information. About 80% of the new students find success in easily assimilating what they are taught. Most of those who come to us for testing are in the 20% who found, and still find, learning difficult.The most frustrating part of this is that most of these “ Slow Learners” are bright.


They just have trouble academically (and frequently, socially) in learning new skills.They see the other students move ahead, while they gain only a partial year’s education for year’s effort.They or their parents will also notice that academic skills are not the only ones that are affected by poor learning ability.In life they have trouble with such things as organizing, setting goals, being responsible and perseverant.

They are frequently accused of not trying or of being lazy. Yet, they know they are really trying as hard as, or harder than their friends. They become very frustrated and with enough failures, they will quit trying. They do not know what is wrong with them. This evaluation is designed to give the answer and show what action you need to take to correct the problems.


The Pheno Brain Training process starts with a FREE EVALUATION.


The evaluation is taken in person at our office.

It lasts about an hour and a half.

The actual evaluation portion takes 45 minutes.

Then we go over the results with you, also showing the student and parent the our program and how it works with what time is left.

This is where you will see how our program is different from any other learning program, or tutoring style available.

This evaluation will determine if and at what level we would start your child. You will receive a reading grade level, a spelling grade level and a math grade level. We will also determine your Learning Profile (how you best learn) auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. 

Do you live in the Kansas City Metro area?  Great we offer a free evaluation for children ages 7 and up, you can click the link below to schedule online or call George Hersh 913-608-9343

Our research shows that all learning disabilities originate with processing problems.

Connections in the brain are not being completed and that prevents the person from turning outside stimuli into usable information.


Wherever the difficulty lies, math, spelling, attention span, reading, organizing, etc., the root of the problem is in the processing.

That’s why the Learning Technics program focuses on developing those connections so the brain can correctly process information.

Learning and/or Behavioral Issues?

One in five children struggle with learning in a traditional setting.
• One in ten children children have some form of ADHD/ADD.
• One in five children have a language learning disability, like Dyslexia.

Whether or not you or your child have been diagnosed with a learning or behavioral issue, we can help.  

Our above process allows us to determine strengths and weaknesses and work with you and your child to overcome obstacles and reach your fullest learning potential.  

Why the evaluation appear so simple.


Our Evaluation appear very simple.

That is because we are trying to find out how the person, be 7 or 70 approaches and completes a task. 

A trained observer will learn the most from seeing how one approaches very simple tasks. Each simple task requires only specific, limited type of behavior. More complex tasks mix too many behaviors together and thereby, may mask some critical basic skills.(This is especially true with older students and adults).

As we grow, we learn to use crutches to cover up our learning difficulties. For example, if we cannot image, abstract and store a word for instance recall, we learn to use phonics.

But sounding out each word is slow and though we can read the word the imaging or usable meaning may still be missing. Completing tests correctly and on time would be very difficult.

With practice, we may become so fast at sounding out that we mask the fact that we cannot image a word.  We even mask this from ourselves because we do not know what the correct skill would be like.  

If we knew, we would not have a problem. We would have self-corrected years ago. These tests were designed to simple for a second reason. 

They are designed so that the learning language skills of the student will not cloud the results.

The evaluator needs to see how the student treats each of the basic underlying components of language skills rather than the student’s level of overall mastery of skills.

The purpose of the evaluation

The Pheno Brain Training FREE evaluation procedure is designed to search out and quantify any underlying cause of learning difficulties.

We are not interested in the symptoms. i.e. the inability to read, spell, handle math, etc.What we are interested in is why a bright person cannot perform in these areas after adequate instruction and practice.

To have success, you must treat the problem, not the symptom.

The most successful treatment for the underlying problems is to retrain the muscle and the mind to automatically and correctly intake process abstract image and categorize store and recall information.

These are all critical parts of the process we call learning. Many people are not aware of how critical coordinated muscle movement is to Academic learning.

Older learning theories taught that the mind and the body work separately and differently. Modern research has shown that this is false. The mind and the body are an integrated functioning unit.

Why most tutoring program don't work, they try to fix the symptoms with repetition.  

Do you live in the Kansas City Metro area?  Great we offer a free evaluation for children ages 7 and up, you can click the link below to schedule online or call George Hersh 913-608-9343