Special Education Programs for Children

Children Brain Training

Many parents seek tutoring for their children when they need help in school. Traditional tutoring involves someone working with a child to help them take in information and remember it. While this is helpful, it must be repeated with every subject (math, reading, spelling, etc.) as each subject involves new and different information. At Pheno Brain Training, our Learning Technics program is a revolution in tutoring.

Full-time adult or child program  

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You or your child work with a Pheno Brain Training Instructor at the Pheno Brain Training facility in 45-minute sessions, three or four days a week for 22-26 weeks.

Family Plan Program

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A Pheno Brain Training Instructor will meet for one session a week at our office with the parent and/or student for 22-26 sessions.  In addition, the parent will be given tools and exercises to perform five days a week at home.  We provide you with all of the material you need and it is yours to keep.   This is a cost-saving option.  If you have other children or members of the family struggling with learning issues, they can use the program at no additional cost.