At Pheno Brain Training, we understand the obstacles many children and adults face when it comes to connecting information and transforming it into knowledge.  We take a compassionate approach.  We don’t just tutor individuals, we discover the root of the issue and design a curriculum that helps maximize learning potential.  Everyone is unique, your approach to learning should be too. If you or a loved one has struggled in the learning process, we promise it will get better.  We’re here to help.

Download our free e-book "Ten Exercises to Strengthen Neurological Processing" to understand how you and or your child process information.  You'll also have the opportunity to receive periodic updates from Pheno Brain Training on how to use the tools provided in the book to maximize potential.

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What Others are Saying

"Ben is now earning all A's and B's in school, is completing all classwork IN class, is completing most homework assignments in class, and best of all, he is retaining the information and able to recall. On top of that, his social skills have greatly improved as well as his physical abilities."  Anita Wixon

"He has improved so much in focus/attention, coordination and writing. I love that the program not only gave my son much needed skills, but also strategies to help deal with the big emotions that come with years of not being able to do what the other kids find easy." - Libby DuPont 

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About Pheno Brain Training

Pheno Brain Training has brought a revolutionary learning program to the Kansas City area.

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Common Learning Obstacles

We help those with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, Autism, Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Issues and more…

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